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This is my mugen page

Mugen is a 2d game engine you add your own chars add stages from any 2d game DragonBallZ,Streetfihgter, king of Fighters, Killer instinck, Mortal Kombat, Art of fihting, even Mario from any 2d game you k can make you own too. I dont know how to make any chars yet. It seems too hard.

Downlaod the megen in my Comp

This is one of many start screens you can have I mean Many even your own.

Get over 50 Characters in your game put all you favorite fighting Characters in 1 game

Make your own V.S Screen

They even have 2 on 2.

when you chara come out make him do an action.

Shoot at you enemy only. You can't hurt you team mate.

Some characters have flying

Get you copie of mugen here