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My Other New site!!!!!!!

july 27,
Wazzup go to my new site

24 boring darn day(For me)and i have rentured yes i got a new 56k(i had a 28 or 33k modem before but seems the same to me?)i will be making a new site cuase i just think this one just sucks if some one would like to help on the site plase email me(meaning you must know html or some thing)just a week ago i went to my site on my friends comp and went to my site and the cunter and it said 83 i was like what the(same on my churches comp) then i get on mine and it says 8 hundred something. that thing is playing games with me

wel i cant upadate my modem is meesed and cant get on the internet anymorecause it is messed im on the chruches comp right now so bye maybe ill update later
Iv aded two pages of gudnam pics ^_^
June 29,

The army guy is coming ahhhhh!!!!!!! Okay let me see oh yeah ive fix the dbz pic page when you clik on the pic it lead to an dead link page, but now fixed The gundam page to come.!!!!!!

June 28,

Ive added a new frame thingy I like it better cause if i add new pages ita take me a long time to change every html thingy on each page Ill do the gundam pics tommorw. See ya later gurls and guyz.

June 28,

I have added picture sectioin to the mega man page And the GundamWing Picture Page to Come next ^_^ Plase sing my Guess book.

June 28,

YesterDay added 2 sailor moon midis to the midibox aded a megaman page

June 26,

Hello peeps all the pages that work are mugen linkz dragonballz

June 25,

Well heres my site every one Hope you Guyz and Galz like it better

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